Our dispute resolution experience makes us ideally placed to advise you on contractual and risk management issues that your business may be facing. Our litigation team has the knowledge, skill set and experience to help you deal with the challenges posed by the full range of corporate/commercial disputes. Our lawyers can respond quickly, proactively and appropriately to your dispute when they arise.

We have a proven track record of providing practical and commercial advise to a wide range of clients at all stages of the dispute relation process - from drafting dispute resolution clauses during pre-contractual negotiations, through to obtaining emergency injunctions in situations where assets may be at risk, to litigating complex multi-jurisdictional disputes and enforcing judgement and recovering assets. 

We appreciate, however, that litigation may not fit within your commercial objectives and we are committed to exploring the resolution of disputes by alternative methods, where appropriate and we understand the importance of trying to sensitively resolve disputes while preserving relationship.

We advise on all forms of alternative dispute resolution, including arbitration, mediation, specialist strategic advice on avoiding disputes as well as expert determination. Our industry sector knowledge and wide geographic presence covers a number of cross-border issues on major corporate and commercial matters.

We also have extensive experience in obtaining judicial assistance in support of both domestic and foreign litigation as well as arbitration proceedings and enforcing foreign judgments and arbitral awards.

We advise clients on managing risk issues, particularly arising from standard terms of business, corporate structure and guarantee/ indemnity arrangements and  we  identify potentially contentious issues and risks long before any dispute is contemplated or escalated and  advise on the mitigation of the risks.