We have the expertise to advise on all aspects of power projects from generation transmission and distribution. We understand the different segments of the electricity industry which allows us to provide comprehensive advise and identify, allocate and mitigate the risks that sponsors, developers, offtakers and lenders, equity investors, guarantors, financial institutions would focus on in independent power projects. We have also worked with a number of governments and their respective agencies and institutions, where the delivery of a stable, bankable structure to secure debt and equity financing played a major part in the success of the financing of the power projects.

Our services include:

    • Advise on legal and regulatory compliance of power generation, distribution and transmission projects
    • Negotiation and drafting of  power purchase agreement, engineering, procurement and construction contracts, fuel supply agreements, connection agreements, Operation and maintenance contract, etc.
  • Advice on debt and equity finance agreements and security documentation required to finance power projects on limited recourse financing basis.